Q1 2021

16 | Q1 2021 Sep20479 Knowing Your Home is in Good Hands A property isn’t just about the building itself. It’s also about the location and its people – in short, community is just as important as the bricks and mortar. The team at Regional Homes Ltd are proud of their independent agency because they understand their community. Doubly successful in the UK Enterprise Awards, winning the titles of Best Independent Estate Agency - West Midlands and Real Estate Businesswoman of the Year (West Midlands): Bal Heer, we take a look at the firm in the light of their success. The Real Estate industry is so often defined by arbitrary metrics of success, with a central focus almost entirely on the end result – a sale, a purchase, or a rental agreement, with very little consideration of the journey to get there. Yet, one of the most underrated variables for success and client satisfaction is a rather simple one: peace of mind. After all, there’s an unspoken degree of trust that passes from a client to an estate agent, a trust to best serve their interests throughout a process so frequently fraught with uncertainty and unease. By all regards, Regional Homes has built its reputation on the back of an ethos best captured by its slogan, “Knowing Your Home is in Good Hands”. It also goes without saying that the company’s ethos is one that very much reflects that of its Founder, Bal Heer. Harnessing years of experience in the communities that Regional Homes now operates in, Bal has forged success through a drive to counteract the very sales-oriented and often aggressive approach taken by so many of her peers. In this, Regional Homes stands as a refreshing tonic, with a back to basics approach that puts the client at the very centre of the entire process. As Bal explains from the outset, Regional Homes was born out of a frustration to what had become all too normal in her eyes: “I wanted to offer a truly personal service, to take on people’s homes as if they were ours. It was something I rarely saw working in the industry, and I knew that real estate could be better. There was an alternative. I took a leap of faith in founding Regional Homes, and thankfully it has paid off. Our slogan is really the cornerstone of Regional Homes – we want clients to feel at ease, knowing that we will act with agency and urgency in their corner, at all times.” Today, Regional Homes offers a wealth of services to clients, including Rent to Rent investment properties, maximisation of property investments as well as complete property management services. The greater team take the time to handpick the best investment property opportunities in the Midlands so that their clients can benefit from high returns. Time and time again you will see this pattern emerging with the company, a client-centricity that truly serves to distinguish Regional Homes from an overwhelmingly competitive field. In all respects, the interests of the client are first and foremost, meaning that the team takes care of every aspect of a property. This goes from finding the right tenants to providing the best maintenance teams, driving to maximise potential and allow clients to reach their goals. Regional Homes offers a hugely personal service, tailored to the exact needs of each client. A ‘one size fits all’ solution reflects the way in which the team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. It would, however, be remiss to gloss over the challenges that Regional Homes and Bal has faced in the years since the company’s establishment. Least of all are the challenges that Bal has faced as a woman in the industry and tackling biases that exist throughout. Ultimately, there are hurdles in simply being taken seriously, without having to prove expertise and experience and capability. “Thankfully, Regional Homes now stands by itself, having gained the respect of clients and peers. But it was not an unsubstantial challenge to overcome.” In recent years, this reputation has reaped its own rewards, with expansion into new markets such as Wolverhampton. Following the opening of the office, Regional Homes commissioned a vibrant mural by renowned street artist Doddz, featuring the founder of the city, Lady Wulfruna. In many ways, Lady Wulfruna herself is a fitting echo of Bal’s character, being a tenacious and focused woman striving for the best for local people. All in all, the rental and sales market in the West Midlands continues to grow steadily. As the sector continues to expand, the team has taken a slightly more reflective approach, aiming to support clients and understand their needs even more so than they do currently. With the launch of a second successful branch (with further growth on the horizon), the time is right to cement the name of Regional Homes and find a way to broaden that brand into new areas across the West Midlands. Company: Regional Homes Ltd Contact: Bal Heer Email: [email protected] “I’m rather old school in that sense. I remain true to my word, and value my integrity. I like to think that Regional Homes is an extension of my core values.”