Q1 2021

25 | Q1 2021 Jan21089 With Cybercrime On The Rise, Neuways’ Cybersecurity Rises To Meet It You would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the world that disagrees with the fact that the world has become an increasingly digital place, both in a personal and professional sense. Data has become one of the most valuable commodities in the world today, and more people than ever have an online presence. In these times that we live in, there is a growing need to offer cybersecurity as a safety measure against cybercrime. With so much information and data readily available online, cybercrime has risen to levels never seen before. This is where Neuways comes in. Discover more about the rise of cybercrime and how Neuways is combatting that as we take a closer look. Small and medium-sized enterprises can often assume that they are not as vulnerable as enterprise-level businesses to cyberattacks and the constant threat of cybercrime. Unfortunately, the reality of the modern world is that it has never been easier for those cybercriminals to launch a range of attacks on businesses of all shapes and sizes, and across all industries and sectors. Ransomware is one of the most common forms of attack, as it infects an IT system before encrypting confidential data and refusing to let it go without a ransom fee. Businesses are being destroyed by these attacks, and the threat to SMEs all over the world are finding themselves unable to weather the financial consequences of such an attack. However, there is hope. As cybercrime has risen, so too has cybersecurity. There are now more ways than ever before to help a business defend themselves against the threat of cybercrime, and Neuways is a business that is at the heart of that growing industry. Neuways is a managed service provider that delivers bespoke IT solutions and support with a security-centric focus. As has already been mentioned, no business is truly safe from cybercrime, but Neuways employs decades of industry experience in supporting more than three hundred companies worldwide in effectively implementing technology to help block cyberattacks. Coupled with this outstanding expertise is a wide range of exceptional IT services, support, and strategies that are delivered with integrity, honesty, and transparency. Any potential client can enter into service with Neuways fully expecting that they will be put first and at the heart of every decision made. Of course, one of the biggest threats to an increase in cybercrime has come in the form of COVID-19. The virus has forced many businesses to have staff work from home, and the danger is that phishing emails may land in a user’s inbox and they are more likely to open them due to working alone from home. People are more vulnerable, which has helped lead to the rise of more and more successful attacks being carried out by cybercriminals on a daily basis. As well as vulnerable individuals working from home, the majority of communications and collaborative working has also changed recently, leading to many more emails and electronic systems being used. This, in turn, opens the door to opportunistic cybercriminals. Neuways is all about helping SMEs make sure that their basic cybersecurity measures are still in place as working practices change over time. Digital working environments are sure to not just be a temporary measure, given that they have worked very well for a great number of businesses. However, understanding how back-ups, firewalls, secure VPNs, and more are essential to protecting workforces of all shapes and sizes. SMEs know that cybersecurity is important, but they do not always know where to start or what to do. Neuways ensures that SMEs incorporate cybersecurity into everything they are doing at the moment for their business. As the world continues to become more and more digital, Neuways is at the heart of ensuring that every small business has the chance to defend itself against incoming and increasingly dangerous cyberattacks. Company: Neuways Contact: Conor Davies Website: https://www.neuways.com/ “This is a dangerous time for SMEs that are unfamiliar with cybersecurity. Opportunistic criminals are taking advantage of changes in working processes and procedures to generate phishing emails that will catch out unsuspecting workers.”