Q1 2021

26 | Q1 2021 Sep20037 Best International Real Estate Agency 2020 After seeing that many real estate agents lacked the time or expertise to value each client, Brics Mortimer Silk Ltd (BMS) set out to be the benchmark for others to aspire to. Their ethos is simple, yet effective: to value each client as an individual. The agency is committed to putting the client first and its boutique nature means they can focus solely on each individual’s requirements. Collectively, BMS have over 20 years of experience within the customer services and real estate industries. The agency looks after clients that either do not have the time to find properties themselves or have had unsatisfactory experiences with estate agents in the past. Winners of “Best International Real Estate Agency” in the 2020 UK SME Greater London Enterprise Awards, they offer a truly personalised and considerate service. BMS specialise in sourcing and acquiring luxury properties in London, Manchester, and Dubai. Their service is bespoke and aims to make the client feel as though they have their own personal shopper. Using a 360° approach, they assist with all property requirements after purchase. BMS’s services include dressing, renting, and managing a property, as well as helping with the accessories that come along with buying a property, such as sourcing luxury cars, yachts, and holiday rentals. The agency supplies a service that is unmatched by any other and they have aided many clients who in the past have been misled by deceptive or inexperienced professionals. One such client had been misinformed by a large estate agency about an overseas purchase. This was the first purchase of its kind that the client had made, and they risked losing their sizeable deposit due to the incorrect advice. After little to no support from the estate agents who had sold them the apartment initially, Brics Mortimer Silk were recommended to them. The client had no information about the UK process for property completion other than what the original estate agents had told them. Since English was not their first language, it was hard for them to know if this agent was telling the truth. Fortunately, BMS had dealt with all necessary negotiations within 6 weeks and the client’s deposit was secured. Whilst no stranger to success, the road towards it has not been easy for BMS. Complications with their outsourced website and poor communication from the abroad company who made it meant they lost their entire client database. Despite having to start from scratch, the team at BMS worked for four days around the clock to rebrand and build a new website themselves. Their perseverance meant that the agency had managed to grow into an even better position than they were in before, with a company image that better suited what they offer. Brics Mortimer Silk’s resilience has been proven even further considering the unprecedented challenges of 2020. They have begun by offering remote viewings to their international clients and UK clients buying property overseas. Viewings on UK properties are being accommodated with the introduction of masks, although this has brought its fair share of problems for hearing impaired clients. To overcome this obstacle, BMS encouraged the team to understand and work with hearing impaired clients as best as possible and invest time in increased video communication. The agency continues to strive towards their goal of setting a benchmark for the industry. They have gone above and beyond to serve their clients in the face of pandemic restrictions and continue to provide an outstanding level of service no matter what. The passion that the team at Brics Mortimer Silk have for client satisfaction is second to none. As they continue to win contracts in competition with large industry contenders, the efficacy of their values and dedication is clear. Contact: Kayla Johnson Company: Brics Mortimer Silk Ltd Web Address : www.bricsmortimersilk.com