Q1 2021

44 | Q1 2021 Sep20310 Amazing Space Pepper Sq is a new generation, e-commerce platform, that helps customers navigate through endless and overwhelming choices. Through innovation, proprietary visualisation and personalisation capabilities, the process of designing a home is made easy thanks to technology that allows users to create a home with confidence in just two clicks. We spoke to CEO and Founder, Oxana Yanushkovskaya to find out more. Launched in 2018, Pepper Sq is a technology-led interior design and furniture marketplace created to simplify the time-consuming and often overwhelming process of designing a home. Whilst searching through furniture shops in-person has always been a tedious task for many, it is now made even more tricky in the current global climates. Alternatively, sifting through thousands of portals and ecommerce sites online can be similarly taxing, not to mention undesirable, as it is hard to feel confident in choosing furniture without seeing it in person and becoming familiar with the sizing, colour and style matching. Pepper Sq has been founded to combat the challenges of designing a home, simplifying the process and saving time and money so that customers are able to create beautiful, sustainable home interiors that are perfectly suited to them, without the usual stress of complex design decisions and endless furniture searches. The team at Pepper Sq hand-picks artesian European furniture which can be purchased as individual pieces, or as part of a bespoke room design concept. Pepper Sq even creates entire rooms so that customers can ‘buy the look’, swapping pieces in or out according to their taste. The platform is ideally suited to homeowners of all tastes and aesthetics, as Pepper Sq’s comprehensive selections of unique furniture collections, advanced technology solutions and original room designs can fit around any lifestyle and personality. Each home and homeowner is entirely unique, and Pepper Sq’s offerings reflect that individuality. The room ‘spacemaking’ function also offers various price reductions, and the Room Calculator tool estimates the total makeover budget and potential savings, so that clients are always able to stay on top of the costs of their project. As such, Pepper Esq has not just built a retail platform that enables a near physical shopping experience, but has superseded the concept as a new generation e-commerce platform that makes the process easier and more enjoyable. For a long time, furniture retail had a significantly lower level of online penetration compared to other industries. Covid-19 has changed this, not only shifting the retail landscape onto digital platforms but increasing people’s investments into their own homes. Over 12% of consumers say they expect to spend more on their homes in the coming months, as they spend extended periods of time at home and in their gardens. In addition, the work from home phenomenon is seeing people take into consideration how best to transform their homes into multifunctional spaces that facilitate the work- life balance. Committed to helping clients achieve whatever they are looking for from their dream home or space, Pepper Sq has used its capabilities and resources to build trust within the firm itself, with amongst furniture manufacturers, their partners network and their clients. Having started out as a start-up with limited resources, Pepper Sq recognises and appreciates the values of collaboration and partnership, and through these attributes is able to achieve unparalleled creativity and innovation that can be implemented into their customers’ homes. Pepper Sq invests in its recruitment process to ensure the maintenance of the culture that has been carefully cultivated since 2018. People with grit, who thrive on innovation and are determined to succeed are the ideal candidates for Pepper Sq, and together the team is working towards its long-term visions for success that sets the bar high for competitors in the market. Pepper Sq has many projects in the works that will propel the firm onwards to this success, as CEO, Oxana Yanushkovskaya tells us: “We truly believe that online furniture shopping should be effortless, quick and accessible for all. This is where Pepper Sq changes everything, reduces noise that’s out there and lets customers hone in on precisely what they are after. Simplicity is the key – from the intuitive technology which powers our online platform, to the thoughtfully curated interiors concepts. We are developing a technical solution to offer customers hyper-relevant personalised content, by exploiting browsing data for understanding the customer’s preferences of colours, finishes, and interior design styles, which allow a design set of bespoke recommendations to be presented to every single customer.” It is this forward-thinking approach to interior design through technology that is allowing Pepper Sq to revolutionise the furniture retail landscape. Through simplifying the process of designing a home, customers are being given the confidence to create their dream home in just two clicks. Contact: Oxana Yanushkovskaya Company: Pepper Sq Ltd Web Address : www.peppersq.com