Q1 2021

73 | Q1 2021 Nov20045 Creative Solutions Founded in 2010, Code Enigma is a web agency delivering solutions with creative design and on a secure infrastructure to allow clients to tell their engaging stories. Following its well-deserved success in the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2020, we caught up with Maygen Jacques to find out more. Based in London, Code Enigma is a community of technically brilliant and creative souls dedicated to building a better world wide web. To begin, Maygen gives us a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “Offering a full project lifecycle of services, we are highly adept in providing web design and development, support and maintenance and hosting solutions. Although we are based in the heart of London, we operate across seven countries, working with Public sector and Government bodies, STEM organisations, educational institutions, charities, and not-for- profit groups. As a company, we live by our key values of creativity, honesty, being a community and doing everything deliberately. Naturally, these values impact everything we do and who we work with. Having devised these values together as a family, we truly abide by them in all our work.” In its attempts to distance itself from the crowd, the firm place huge importance on maintaining a strong client-focused approach to business as Maygen points out. “Although we often face a lot of competition, we are on great terms with many of our rivals and we applaud the incredible work they do. Here at Code Enigma, we heavily invest in our projects and it’s our care for clients which probably helps differentiate us from the rest the most. Moreover, this is further emphasised by the fact we have 24/7 cover available to provide clients with peace of mind”. With its family-oriented internal culture, Code Enigma are keen to look after their employees in whatever way they can as Maygen inform us. “To develop our team members both professionally and personally, we give everyone a personal development budget so people can spend time away from normal work to attend training courses and take on pet projects. Additionally, we hold a company conference at a chosen destination once a year with all accommodation and catering paid for.” Although the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused major disruption to many businesses across the country, the pandemic has at least accelerated the digitisation of the public sector as Maygen explains further. “Prior to COVID-19, the government were making big steps towards digital transformation. Fortunately, with things evolving quickly local government departments are now offering services remotely which would’ve seemed unimaginable back in March 2020. With the right technology to hand, the public sector should continue to reap the rewards just like the private sector has done for many years.” Finally, Maygen discusses the main benefits of the firm’s location before outlining some of its plans for 2021 and beyond. “As a remote company working all over the UK and Europe, with no commute we have a better work-life balance. Although this allows us to spend more time with our loved ones, the major benefit from remote working is our communication levels don’t fall because everyone is accountable, trusted, and productive. “Moving forward, we have several public sector initiatives in line such as LocalGov Drupal where we will actively make the distribution and installation of Drupal 9 easier for the public sector. Beyond this having recently achieved a place on G-Cloud 12, Government bodies will be able to transition from their websites and applications to the cloud with our G-Cloud 12 services.” Company: Code Enigma Contact: Maygen Jacques Website: www.codeenigma.com