Q1 2021

75 | Q1 2021 Aug20434 Safety First Safe Response provides a range of products to raise awareness for on-call fire fighters responding to the station in their own vehicles. We speak to the founder of the Safe Response, which designs equipment for the emergency services and public to offer improved Safety, Awareness and Identification, about how these innovative products can have life-saving consequences. The firm was set up in 2010 by Managing Director, Simon Jeffery, who designed an illuminated sun visor sign (which in 2012 became the LED Univisor) to warn other road users that the vehicle was responding to an emergency call, not only for awareness but to improve road safety and response times too. Safe Response has since introduced other products to assist with awareness and identification for personnel in their own or unmarked vehicles operating within the Emergency Services. Safe Response’s latest design, which was released in 2020, is the Safe Responder X. Geared to the voluntary and on-call sector, responders can now be clearly identifiable to other road users. “Being identifiable like this allows them some grace on the roads without being forceful or breaking any road traffic regulations,” explains Simon. “This in turn means less stress for the responder and means they can arrive at scene or station at the station with a clearer head to deal with their role and the incident ahead of them.” With the increased use of unmarked emergency vehicles, these signs also provide instant visible identification, ideal when there is a multiple agency turnout at a large incident, reducing time to be allocated an area to park or to be directed to. As well as these innovative visor-detachable products, Safe Response has now broadened its range and stocks items such as also provides vehicle lighting, reflective badges and clothing, vehicle magnetic signage, stickers, first aid kits, car bulbs plus a range of PPE equipment too. These are all purchasable through the online store on the company’s website. The staff culture at Safe Response is one centred around safety and the wellbeing of emergency service and responder staff. “Everyone within the company has interest in the emergency services and understands their vital roles,” says Simon. “We all know that every second counts and that our products are helping to ensure that response times are minimal.” Wen recruiting for new staff members, it is key that they are friendly and approachable, but are also able to problem solve, and be particularly compassionate due to some of the roles that clients undertake. Being based in the south west of the UK, and with this being a peninsula, Safe Response has access to a wider range of emergency services, from inland to coastal support roles, as well as the national organisations. This means that it is easier to partner with relevant companies and services in order to get the products in as widespread an area as possible. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Simon has noticed an increase in the use of unmarked vehicles as more and more volunteer roles were created to respond to emergencies. “Going forward, we are now working on further product ranges with the hope to develop new and useful products for use within our emergency services.” Company: Safe Response Contact: Simon Jeffery Website: www.saferesponse.co.uk